超人总动员观后感用英语怎么写加汉语除这个外When Superman defeat of the enemy's scheme,they chose to continue their own is an extraordinary life,and be a common person,rather than their own scenery unlimited Superman life.Even let

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加汉语除这个外When Superman defeat of the enemy's scheme,they chose to continue their own is an extraordinary life,and be a common person,rather than their own scenery unlimited Superman life.Even let me see a clear change in their own super people.If the past is not to the date,so it is perfectly happy,is a prominent Ping ...
Is a hero of the movie,it is consistent with the style of American movies.

DISNEY和PIXAR的商标登场,背景音乐带有浓厚的间谍片的味道.我们的两大主人公,INCREDIBLE先生和他妻子ELASTGIRL的话筒前的接受采访及演说拉开了序幕.这时,开头的气氛一转,镜头从劫匪在驱车逃逸,手持机枪扫射尾追的警车,再转到正要去教堂结婚典礼的INCREDIBLE先生,似乎已经给观众带来了新鲜感.当INCREDIBLE先生接到报警求救信号,最酷的一幕开始了.镜头再次从驾座的装备再切换到INCREDIBLE先生穿上皮衣整装待发,无一不透露出异样的色彩.而在我脑海里不由浮现出的竟然是——007.突然来了个恶搞的小鬼,自称是INCREDIBLE的超级粉丝NO.1,居然名叫Incredi-Boy,还硬要毛遂自荐要当INCREDIBLE的PARTNER,哈哈,太搞笑了.第三次切换镜头:INCREDIBLE先生正想抓最后一个漏网之鱼之时,我们的ELASTGIRL MM终于登场了,“抢了INCREDIBLE”的功.呵呵,音乐这时立刻又带有浪漫色彩.在男女主人公的深情一吻下,看得我如痴如醉!在要解决那个法国佬的过程中,INCREDI-BOY又来添乱,这给以后的大转换埋下了伏笔.有情人终成眷属!INCREDIBLE先生和ELASTGIRL MM喜结良缘.打算婚后退出江湖.以后的情节大家都知道了,我也就不多罗嗦了.
对于《The Incredibles》,PIXAR真的带给我们巨大的变化和惊喜.整个故事情节完全是架构在现代社会的大背景下,并附以科幻色彩.这是PIXAR动画史上的新创举,也给整个3D技术,乃至整个动画电影市场写下了崭新的篇章.以前动画史上一些传统,还有很多建立在神话、寓意等多数都是面向青少年和儿童,可《The Incredibles》这种以真人为主角的概念,成为了吸引成人的法宝.PIXAR真是用心良苦!同样是英雄主义的片子,《INCREDIBLES》更加深入到了男女主人公的生活中,又带给观众平易近人的感觉.但是,喜剧和无厘头似的搞笑,同样也层出不穷:INCREDIBLE先生中年危机;工作岗位的压力重重;女儿Violet看上了学校的小帅哥;儿子Dash常被“请”到校长室,等等.不过,我个人觉得特别搞笑的两个场景是:那个骑单车,嚼口香糖小朋友(特别是第二次,INCREDIBLE说“What are you waiting for?”,小朋友答道:“I don’t know. Something amazing, I guess”)的三次出现是最好笑的.另外一个场景是由Samuel L. Jackson配音的那个Frozone问老婆要武装外套.除此之外,影片结尾典型的好莱坞式“开放式”结局也是导演给我们的一个“噱头”.
总之,《The Incredibles超人特攻队》浓郁的亲和度,加上亲情、爱情、喜剧、冒险……等元素,再配上绝妙的背景音乐,来烘托主题.就像电影片名的英文解释,真叫人“不可思议”啊!强烈推荐给大家!
Early in the film didn't listen to me before the release, a friend in America is strongly recommended film, saying how good (American release date is on November 5, 2004), also called me "must" to see. Speak like command. Can think and, this is great for her! PIXAR (PIXAR) company can never let us down, isn't the INCREDIBLES has more novel unique? !
Gentlemen and PIXAR's trademark, background music with a strong taste of the spy. Our two great hero, 'Mr. And his wife ELASTGIRL microphone before the interview and speech. Then, the atmosphere, from the robbers drove escape in lens, holding WeiZhui strafed vehicles, turn again to going to church wedding ceremony, Mr. 'the audiences seem to have brought freshness. When Mr. 'received alarm distress signal, the coolest scene started. Lens again the equipment from driving to switch to wear leather ready 'sir, don't show any color. But in my mind was not emerged, 007. Suddenly a kuso imp, claiming it is a big fan of '- 1, Incredi - Boy, named are forced to when the job PARTNER, ha ha,' so funny. The third switch lens: Mr. 'is to catch the last LouWangZhiYu when we finally comes ELASTGIRL MM, "rob'". Ha ha, music and then immediately with romance. The heroine in a loving kiss, see fascinates me! To solve the France in the process, INCREDI - BOY came after the chaos, the great transition to the set. Jack shall have Jill! Mr. And ELASTGIRL MM '. After going to quit. After the plot everybody knows, I also won't bothersome.
For The law, The Incredibles PIXAR really bring us great changes and surprise. The story is set in modern society background, each accompanied by a science fiction. PIXAR animation is the history of the new creation, also give whole 3D technology, and even the entire animation film market down new chapters. Some traditional animation history before, many myths, as in most are facing moral teens and children, but in reality The Incredibles, such as The concept, became attract adults. PIXAR's do-do! Likewise, the film is heroism of the INCREDIBLES deeper into the hero and heroine of life, and gives the audience approachable feeling. But, like funny comedy and wulitou, also emerge in endlessly, 'mid-life crisis, Mr. Work stress, After school Violet daughter handsome boy, Son: "please" Dash is often to the principal's office, etc. However, I feel very funny two scenes are: the bike, chewing gum children (especially for the second time, 'said: "I am getting waiting for?", replied: "I get maps, amazing," for three times) is the most funny. In another scene by practical l. Jackson's voice that Frozone ask a wife to armed coat. In addition, the typical of the Hollywood film end "open" end of a director for us, "trick".
Anyhow, The Incredibles superman attack The team of strong affinity, plus The affection, love, comedy, adventure,... Such elements, deserve to go up again the wonderful music background, foil theme. Like the English film titles explanation, it is "unbelievable"! Strongly recommended to everyone!